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Mosul-Aski Pipeline

Mechanical and electrical refurbishment services to the Aski Mosul Water Treatment Facility and repair of 37 km of associated pipeline.

Waste Transfer Stations

Turnkey build out of ten Baghdad municipality solid waste transfer stations

Al Mat Bridge

Repair & renovation of key transportation link between Baghdad and Amman.

IRR: A Success Story


The Department of Transportation's Volpe Center features th Iraqi Railways project implemented on the ground by Al Qarya Group in their quarterly newsletter Horizons.


Hundreds of Communication Links throughout Iraq,
Wireless & Wired, Public & Private, can be Attributed to Us!

Extensive planning is the essential component to bringing up any telecom network or link. Al Qarya Group's experienced telecom team works hand in hand with the client to ensure the project is a success from start to finish. Our process for success is pinned on the following foundations:

  • Understanding the purposes of the telecom network for the time ahead.
  • Surveying the sites & paths using state of the art analysis tools.
  • Calculating link budgets & paths and Engineering the sites
  • Liasioning with equipment manufacturers & Procuring the correct equipment for the job & ensuring proper Logistics for timely deliveries.
  • Analyzing & Reporting post-installation results to ensure stable and properly running communication links.
  • Resourcing telecom engineers and technicians to troubleshoot any possible interference issues post-installation.

Al Qarya Group's telecom team is trained and educated in the field, competent through experience and past performance, and armed with a state of the art tool set to bring up any kind of communication link across Iraq. Turnkey style, Al Qarya Group can:

  • Design & build-out tower foundations and sites.
  • Self-Supporting Tower Erection for heights ranging from 30m up to 120m.
  • Assembly, Hoisting, and Alignment of all types of antennas.
  • Design, Manufacturing, and Installation of Shelters to house telecom equipment.
  • Waveguide Installation & Pressurization of multiple types and gauges.
  • Systems Integration of multiple communications equipment and servers through any communication link .
  • Fiber Optic expertise to design and build out any short or long range optical network.

Partner with Al Qarya Group for Project Success in Iraq