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Our Vision

To rebuild Iraq, together, using Iraqi engineers and man power by utilizing the unprecedented reconstruction opportunity currently present in our favor.

Our Mission

To restore and correct the international community's perception of Iraq's engineering competency levels by performance of our team and organization.

Our Value

To perform with integrity above and beyond international standards despite the unfortunate circumstances of our environment.

The group employs a large workforce of full time professional senior managers and staff members including engineers, planners, computer analysts and programmers, project managers, contact managers, accountants, and quantity surveyors. The strengths of the group are its extensive professional construction engineering and project management skills, its process and management system, proven total end-to-end project delivery, and its demonstrated ability to work closely with, and where appropriate to integrate, select people into its client organization structure.

The group has demonstrated competence in providing and managing:

  • Innovative project procurement strategies
  • Public and private finance contract arrangement
  • Capital cost planning and management
  • Public relations management
  • Government liaison
  • Industrial relations management
  • Occupational health and safety issues
  • Environmental issues

Our senior professionals have extensive experience in the area of environmental engineering, enabling us to provide consulting and contracting services in this field across Iraq. Their areas of specialization include water resource management and geotechnical engineering management, civil engineering, hydrology, and hydrogeology. Our team excels at devising and implementing effective solutions for environmentally sensitive engineering projects, and is dedicated to providing the highest quality service in this regard.

Al Qarya Group is a facilitator of infrastructure development, providing a range of professional services to the building, civil engineering, utilities, infrastructure, pipe line, transportation and information technology industries within Iraq and other select international markets.

Work such as the construction of buildings, highways and bridges falls under the civil construction arm of Al Qarya Group. As one of the first to be established in the country, it prides itself on its extensive experience in this field. Our civil construction team specializes in large scale, high quality projects which, to date, have included:

  • Nationwide telecommunications backbones
  • Construction of residential complexes
  • Commercial office and residential buildings
  • Educational and governmental buildings
  • Hospitals and health centers
  • Reinforced concrete and steel structures
  • Road and bridge maintenance, rehabilitation and construction.

Al Qarya Group is a provider of turnkey solutions.