Al Qarya Group is the Go-To-Company for Large-scale, Mission-Critical, and Complex IT & Telecom Projects

Iraq is not a place that has standard solutions for its information technology and telecommunications problems. Businesses and organizations operating in Iraq must identify knowledgeable and flexible providers to come up with innovative solutions to meet their IT and telecommunications requirements.

Al Qarya Group is a diverse group of Iraqis with a wide range of know-how and expertise that knows the terrain. Our group is in it for the long run and seeks to establish long-term relationships. Everything this division does is executed and implemented with the highest of international quality standards.

The IT & Telecom division provides both office and industry solutions. Al Qarya Group can outfit any operation with computing and telecommunications equipment and related accessories, provide a local or wide area broadband networking solution using standard, Internet, wireless and/or fiber optics technologies, and equip with the necessary software solutions. Among many other things, the operation also provides IT outsourcing and training services so an organization can sustain a long term technology and telecommunications plan.

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